Exciting Things Happening at the Museum!

The Dawson County Museum has a new exhibit in the art Gallery the month of October entitled "Eerie Echoes". Two Nebraska artists, Amber Kosmicki and Ronnie Reid, showcase their art through photographs of long forgotten subjects.  It really is a must see exhibit!

Wednesday, November 12, the Lexington Community Foundation will host the fourth annual Give BIG Lexington.  This is a 24 hour time period that you can donate to your favorite Lexington area nonprofit organization.  To learn more about the event go to http://www.lexfoundation.org/events/give-big.  Please consider the Dawson County Historical Society and Museum when thinking about your donation.

Also, in November the museum is hosting a traveling exhibit provided by the Smithsonian Institute and Humanities Nebraska called "Hometown Teams: how Sports shape America".  This exhibit has been traveling to museums across Nebraska and will make its last appearance at The Dawson County Museum in Lexington.  The main exhibit will open November 11 and run through December 13th.  But our Community exhibit in our art gallery will be available for viewing through the end of 2014.

The Dawson County Historical Society is committed to the preservation of the unique history and culture of Dawson County Nebraska. Our mission takes us beyond our museum in Lexington, working with local historical societies, civic groups, and other organizations across Nebraska.

However, preservation is only half the battle as we want to inspire the next generation of Americans. Throughout history, all the great leaders have sought inspiration from the past. Educational efforts in local schools and cooperative ventures ensures that learning extends beyond the school house and the museum grounds.

Takes a few minutes to explore our site and learn about the society, the museum, and Dawson County. Plan on dropping by the next time you're in Lexington and see how preserving the past provides inspiration for the future.